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Lazure painting was developed by Rudolf Steiner, who encouraged artists to paint walls with transparent radiant colors. The method of painting and the effect it creates allows the color to feel in the space, not just on the wall. It is applied with a rhythmical movement using large brushes and a figure eight motion. The paint is watered down and applied in many layers, creating reflections from the light that bounces off. This provides nourishment for the eye and for the soul. 


Radiant Arts was born out of a love for Lazure painting by its founder, Alyssa Anaya. Alyssa is a Waldorf parent who is familiar with the art form from the classrooms her daughter attends. With a dream to paint professionally from a young age, Lazure was the perfect fit for Alyssa's sharp attention to detail and expanded spirit and vision. In the summer of 2018, Alyssa brought on a partner, Alexa Cole, who carries a background in studio art from Santa Reparta, in Florence, Italy. Alexa brings a love of mural painting into the business and adds muralistic designs to clients who want natural landscape elements added to their walls.  


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Alyssa Anaya

Magic Maker

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Alexa Cole

Dream Weaver

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